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The All-Around 3D specialist

The All-Around 3D specialist is what Urban Studio is about.

Capturing the world, the world we all live and work in, right in to our hands.

We make the real world come alive and stay alive in 3D with help of 3D technologies! Which makes it usefull for now and in the future and for all kinds of purposes, a sustainable solution for any object.

"Capturing the world, the world we all live and work in"

Urban Studio is an Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) support service provider firm with local and international experience in various types of projects.

Everything is within our reach, from measurement to the Digital design & construction, Visualizations, and BIM coordination.

Our goal is to make AEC easier, understandable, time & cost-efficient and therefor sutainable solutions for our clients!

BIM (Building Information Modeling), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Digital Construction with help of reality capture.

We offer our services anywhere in the world.

Team Urban Studio

End to End 3D Solutions

We are specialised in taking on any challanges within 3D modeling, from start to the end we make it work and worthwhile.

Ellen de Brabander – Founder & Owner of Urban Studio